Allstate Change is Official. Now what does it

Kyle Henry

The day many of us have been waiting for is finally here. National General is now Allstate Health Solutions. Now what does that mean for you as an agent?

  1. Allstate Name Recognition: The brand recognition and credibility of Allstate now is attached to some of the most amazing products in our business. When you have a customer looking at Short Term Medical and they mention United Health Care you need not worry because the Allstate brand is just as recognized and respected.
  2. Advertising: You see commercials and Sponsorships with Allstate everywhere you turn. Whether it is a Super Bowl Mayhem commercial, College Bowl Game or Ads on Facebook the Allstate name is everywhere people turn. This is free advertising and when you bring up your new Allstate Health Plan people know exactly who that company is without you saying a word.
  3. Immediate Repour and Trust: People in the US trust brand names and because you represent them that trust rolls over to you as the agent. When someone trusts you, they will take the time to listen to what you have to say about the product. This immediate repour gives you a huge advantage in speaking to prospective customers. We have always had amazing products from National General but with the Allstate name people are far more likely to listen and purchase.
  4. New Products and Programs: Allstate purchase brings the Allstate checkbook which will bring brand new products in 2023 which includes:
    1. Final Expense: In the first quarter of 2023 we will see an easy issue whole life Final Expense product with Face Value up to $50,0000. This easy issue Life product pairs perfectly with your Senior Indemnity and DVH products.
    2. Worksite Products: Allstate wants to go after the Duck in 2023 with a line of amazing Worksite Products including Accident, Critical Illness and Term Life. All these will be Guaranteed Issue products perfect for the small or large group markets.
    3. New Bonus Programs: Do you like Compass Rewards? Well Allstate will be rolling out this year a bonus program very similar with items available from Gift Cards to Amazing Vacations. You will even be able to track your points on a App just for Allstate Health Solution agents

Are you excited yet because AT THE Home Office we are very excited about the amazing opportunity as one of the Top Allstate Health Solution Agencies!

You will see a lot of changes if you login to your old National General Portals today. First it is now the Allstate Health Solution portal as you will see right away. Other things that have changed as of September 30th include:

  • Brochures: All product brochures now have the Allstate Health Solution name, and those trademark hands people recognize around the world.
  • Websites: All the old National General websites from your back office to consumer page are now Allstate Health Solutions.
  • Consumer Cards: Your current customers has been mailed new Allstate Health Solutions cards. Great reason to reach out to each of them to renew their STM plan or offer new Accident or Dental plans.
  • Training Materials: The materials we use to train new agents and even the YouTube channel have changed including all new videos for each product. Take a look today!

As you can see a lot has changed and there is many more exciting things to come right around the corner. However, the largest opportunity is in your hands. Let’s take full advantage of this opportunity and start marketing these amazing products from Allstate Health Solutions TODAY!

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