Grassroots Marketing

Michael Meyers

In the old times, agents’ marketing approach for new prospects was going door to door and investing in newspaper ads, but after the pandemic hit, the idea of going door to door came to a screeching halt. We quickly needed to reinvent ourselves with a new approach to gaining new clients and a marketing strategy.

As an agent, it’s easy to think you can buy leads or wait for prospects to walk into their office. I will tell you from experience this is not what our most successful agents do. Our most successful agents think outside the box. By that approach, we can build a very successful grassroots marketing program with endless possibilities for approaching clients for whatever economic situation in the future.

Just think, the internet has broadened our marketing capabilities in ways we never thought of exploring, making it easier to approach people. We can capture clients’ information through websites, landing pages, social media, and Google Optimization ads. 

Many Compass agents have had great success in their communities, and I would like to share just a few with you. Here is a great starting point for approaching new potential clients. 

  1. Local Chamber of Commerce – If you have not joined your local chamber, you should do that. First, check with the Home office to see if the company is not already a member. These meetings allow you to network with one of our key customer groups, “Small Business Owners.” Speaking with 30 to 100 business owners in one place saves time and is an excellent opportunity to network.

  2. Health Fairs – We have just come out of a major pandemic, and many people are concerned about their health and getting answers to their questions about health insurance. Setting up a table at these events is a low-cost way to meet many prospects in your area.

  3. Senior Events – The first group in large numbers will be Florida’s Seniors, who were the first group to be vaccinated. There are many of these events throughout the state. Just do a Goggle search “Senior Events .”Medicare is confusing to most seniors, so being at these events and helping answer questions is an excellent way to build your brand in the local community and develop prospects.

  4. Charity Events – Sometimes, a marketing event is not directly about leads but is a method to build good community relations and encourage people to reach out to you later. These can be food banks, soup kitchens, or job training events, vital to building rapour and trust among residents, positively making the agent part of the community.

  5. Walk and Talk – Simple is sometimes best. Taking brochures and business cards and walking into groups of local businesses, and taking the time to introduce yourself as their Local Florida Blue agent can sometimes be the best way to develop great leads. Many business owners have questions about their health insurance but get busy and forget to look for answers. As an agent, you walk in, and introducing yourself can sometimes be the perfect solution.

  6. Social Media – Many people spend a great deal of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other media platforms. Here is your opportunity to post free daily, weekly, and monthly ads about health, life, medicare, small business, events, and what’s happening. You can also approach companies and people by messaging them. Lastly, we all youtube something, so making videos on topics people don’t understand will help you gain trust with the community and leads.

  7. Newsletters –  Each month, compass sends our agents a newsletter with topics on products, tips, and stories. Here is another excellent opportunity to inform clients of issues, information, events, and anything happening straight to their inbox. Just make sure that you make a catchy subject line. 

We have designed a fantastic Grassroots Marketing program to help agents to think outside the box and become a success. These activities will generate business for you, and they only require one thing TIME! You will generate results if you take some time each week and dedicate it to marketing in your local community. We are here to support our agents, so if you have an idea and want help, please reach out to us in the home office, and we will do everything we can to ensure your event is a success.

If you have any questions on requirements and certifications, please ask your manager or contact sales support in the home office. (772) 546 – 2299

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