How to Market DSNP by Utilizing Low-Income Housing

Amanda Simpson - Medicare Director

Low-Income Housing: MSP/LIS consumers make ends meet with limited income, which means they likely live in low income housing. Low-income communities are everywhere, even areas that you would not think are low income have section 8 or HUD subsidized locations. These include mobile home parks, low-income HUD or Section 8 apartments, and nonprofit senior apartments.

Direct Mail: This is direct to the consumer via a marketing mailer, such as a postcard or letter. You can buy mailing lists based on low-income and 65+. But keep in mind that 39% of D-SNP eligible are under 65 years old. Refer to income limits mentioned earlier for your list sorting.

Property Managers: Many communities have property managers that manage the property, organize regular events, distribute newsletters, and have regular contact with the tenants. They are the gatekeepers and influencers of their communities. Your goal is to build and maintain relationships with the property managers and/or activities directors at these locations. Here are a few ideas to market these influencers and get in front of the residents.

  • Social events: Many communities will have regular social events within the community. You can sponsor one of these events, such as an ice cream social, bingo, and bring monthly birthday treats.
  • Educational event: Offer to hold an educational event for the residents on a subject that would be helpful for this demographic (i.e. How to apply for LIS, MAPD extra benefits, Medicare 101)
  • Clinics: Hold an LIS clinic where you assist them with the steps to fill out LIS or MSP applications, or to answer general questions.
  • Newsletters: If the community does a monthly newsletter, then they may need content or even offer cheap or free advertisement. You can offer to write a short piece on different Medicare topics monthly for the newsletter.
  • Flyers: Leave your flyers and brochures on Medicare topics in the front office, club house, or community center. 

Low-income housing tips:

  • Make sure you are consistent with revisiting each community that you’ve established a relationship with. Visit the managers regularly and see how you can help.
  • You can search low-income housing at and
  • Replenish flyers regularly and switch them up to see how different flyers perform
  • Best time to schedule events are when residents are paying rent or mail is dropped off

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