“Open Enrollment New Business is your

Lucas Zerbe - Director of Training

New Business during Open Enrollment brings more than just the opportunity to sell an ACA plan. It gives you an opportunity to change the way you sell. To establish a new habit studies show takes 21 days. Which means you have time before Open Enrollment to become a “BUNDLER”. Every prospect between now and November 1st is a chance for you to remake the way you sell. “Practice makes Perfect: is an old saying but very true especially in sales! Utilize the prospects you meet in these slower days to perfect your approach and establish a solid habit. 

NO MORE ORDER TAKING! (Post it on your computer!)

New Approach to my ACA Customers:

50-Year-Old Couple make 36k per year in Palm Beach

Questions to Assist:

  1. How often do you get paid? – Weekly – 
  2. What is the name of your current dentist? – I do not have one – “Let’s find you one now.”
  3. Do you have a family history of cancer or heart disease? – “Yes, Cancer runs in my mom’s family” – 
  4. Have you been to the ER or Urgent Care in the last 5 year? (What for?) – “Yes, cut my hand when I fell at work”

Quick Script Benefits Review:

“Mr. Jones your family’s new Benefit include:”

  • No charge PCP visits, $20 Specialist visit and even $3 Generic Prescriptions 
  • $10 Dental Cleanings and X-Rays twice per year with Dr White.
  • Accident Coverage in case you get hurt at work again or even at home. 
  • 20k Critical Illness coverage just in case you or your wife have any issues with Cancer or other Critical Illnesses.
  • All these benefits and your cost is only $39.59 per week.

Asking Good probing questions allows you as an agent to customize your sales presentation to the person you’re sitting with. People can say no you, but it is hard to argue with themselves so when you find out information you can specify your benefit overview to that specific individual. As you see above the probing questions used in the example allowed us to put the benefits in the customers own words. Take time to practice probing questions with family, friends, or other agents. This will allow you to become confident in your abilities when Open Enrollment begins. 

Why Bundle? There are Two Reasons:

  1. You give your customer much better protection so if anything happens, they are protected.
  2. You will double your commissions. Using the example above lets look at the commission difference.

That is more than double! Make this Open Enrollment more successful by becoming a “BUNDLER”. 

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