We are very pleased to publish our 1st Compass Rewards (CR) Leaderboard for March 2022!

Bruce Henry - President

Moving forward – the Compass Rewards Leaderboard will be published each month.  The Leaderboard #’s will be calculated using the Compass Rewards Point Values.  Each month – we will recognize the following categories:

  • Top 3 Agents
  • Top 3 Stores
  • Top 3 Agents by Product Category
    • ACA
    • MA/MS
    • USAble
    • NatGen
    • Life
    • Smart

The Leaderboard will display the total # of submitted members/applications along with the corresponding Compass Rewards Points Totals*.  In addition to the Compass Rewards Points earned for all your sales – the Top 3 Agents & Stores Overall along with the Top Agent per Product category** will earn additional BONUS CR points:

Top 3:

  • 1st 75 Points – Ashley Fiallo
  • 2nd 50 Points – Mihir Patel
  • 3rd 25 Points – Courtney Hughes

Top Product Category Winners

  • 1st 50 points
ACA – Ashley FialloNatgen – Ken Walters
MA/MS – Larry SealfonLife – Alex Radli
USAble – Kelvin VargasSmart – Gus Fraga

We look forward to a Healthy Competition among our Stores and Agents. Best of Luck to All!

*actual CR points are based upon issued business
**Minimum Production requirements as determined by CH is required to earn bonus points

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