Why is the Government Trying so Hard to Keep IUL’s A Secret

Lucas Zerbe - Director of Training

Many of us have looked at Index Universal Life policies and said “Wow!” So, why does everyone not already have one of these plans? This is an easy question to answer – Nobody knows they exist! So that leaves another question; why don’t people know about these policies? Because – the government does not want them to know. There are 200 plus pages of rules and regulations limiting the advertising of IUL’s. So, the only way anyone knows these policies exist is if they were lucky enough to speak to YOU – a knowledgeable and trusted agent.

Index Universal Life plans are the equivalent of the “Financial Pocketknife” there are a lot of key advantages that separate these policies from the standard retirement vehicle. Let’s look at what makes them so different. The first is they combine two major components people want; Protection and Savings.


  • Permanent Life Insurance
    • Tax Free Death Benefit
    • Bypass Probate
    • Multiple Settlement Options
  • Living Benefits
    • Critical Illness Protection
    • Chronic Illness Protection
    • Long Term Care
    • Terminal Illness Benefits


  • Interest
    • Based on Market Index
    • Downside Market Protection
  • Liquidity 
    • No penalty Withdraws
    • Loans Easily Available
      • Favorable Rates
      • No Payback Required
  • Tax Advantages
    • After Tax Contributions
    • Tax Free Accumulation
    • Tax Free Distribution via a Policy Loan
      • No premature distribution penalty
      • No Minimum Required Distribution
  • Creditor Protected 

WOW! All these benefits in One Product! Why would the Government Want to Hide this from People?

#1: Taxes
#2: Control

Just take a minute and think about IRA’s and 401k plans.


  • Can only put in what the government tells you.
  • You cannot access YOUR MONEY Until an age the government decides (59 ½) without paying a penalty 
  • Your retirement age is picked for you by the government
  • Your required to take distribution when the government says


  • Will takes be higher or lower in 30 years – Higher! = More Taxes
  • Why do they make you start taking distributions? – They want their Taxes
  • Penalty for taking your own money – More Money for the Government

So, is it really a mystery why the government is hiding Index Universal Life policies? Do yourself and your clients a favor and let them in on the government’s big retirement secret about Index Universal Life Insurance!

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